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Company Overview:

Specializing in the development, production, sales and service of waste packaging equipment and solid waste crushing equipment.

The company has been committed to providing a wide range of waste materials recycling solutions to customers around the world. From various metal crushing, packing and shearing equipment to various non-metal shredding and packaging equipment, Fangxin Machinery provides you with a series of solids waste recycling equipment and the choice of different models.

Main product types:

Waste packaging equipment can be used to compress and package a variety of recyclable resources and waste, including scrap metal, carton, cardboard, waste paper, fabric (ie old clothes, rags), plastic bottles, aluminum cans, coconut fiber, tires, oil Barrels, computer/TV shells, shavings, chaff, cottonseed hulls, rice husks, etc.

Solid waste crushing equipment is mainly used in the classification of domestic waste, incineration, pre-disposal of hazardous waste, crushing of rubber plastics, electronic waste and other solid wastes, and resource recycling.

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