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Unloading and loading:

For the height of the vertical model is higher than 2550MM, the machine is packaged and transported in reverse. After receiving the goods, use the forklift truck with the weight of the machine to unload the truck. Select the position of the center of gravity, pay attention to the surrounding conditions, and try to lower the height of the machine as much as possible when moving. Move to the installation location and remove the outer packaging, and use the crane (see instructions for lifting instructions) to erect.

For unloading and moving of horizontal machines, choose forklifts or cranes according to the size (weight and volume) of the machine. There are 4 lifting ears on the large model to fix the lifting ropes. Pay attention to the installation when lifting, and strictly prohibit the standing under the boom. , try to reduce the lifting height, you can move away from the ground.

Note: The operator must have a valid ID to operate, please strictly abide by relevant regulations and operating regulations.

Installation and commissioning:

Whether it is the installation of a single piece of equipment or the commissioning of a complete exhaust system, we will send professional technicians and construction personnel to work to ensure that the customer's equipment can operate normally and efficiently. While ensuring that the equipment is functioning properly, we will check the performance of the equipment and provide professional training for your equipment operators and maintenance personnel. We have a professional management team, rich on-site construction experience, strict quality control, a full set of installation inspection and acceptance services, these are the protection from the worry after you purchase the equipment!

Technical Support:

Customers who purchase our equipment have the technical support services provided by our company for life. Every factory equipment of our company has a detailed factory number and record, so any equipment failure, even after more than ten years In the event of a breakdown, we can check the records of your equipment as long as you call our company. If you need to replace any accessories, our company has sufficient and detailed specifications for the parts. In the solution of equipment failure, whether you are at home or abroad, distance is not a problem, because we provide reliable, fast and professional technical support, even on the phone, on-site or online, within 7*24 hours, even In an emergency, we can also assist you with problems with the device program through remote control. All of this is due to our service philosophy: customer needs are paramount!

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