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Horizontal hydraulic baler
What is a horizontal baler?
Horizontal balers are generally larger or semi-automatic machines. Material is fed into the compression chamber from the top of the baler by a conveyor belt, forklift or cyclone (which can be requested in higher quantities). This type of horizontal baler
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vertical baler
What is a vertical baler?
Vertical balers (also known as Vertical strapping machine) are characterized by vertical compression packs. Typically, this vertical bale machine has a small footprint, is manually bundled, and compresses the block from top to bottom. It can also be calle
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Waste aluminum cans
Why do scrap recycling require a baler?
In order to effectively process recyclable scrap or other materials, you need a baler to compress these materials into chunks.The baler can make a lot of recyclable materials (such as plastic bottles, cardboard or similar materials) much smaller.
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hydraulic baler
What is a baler?
Since baler is used to make compressed bales for different materials, we often received inquiries from customers who request bale machines. Why customer likes to call ‘baler’ as ‘bale machine’? Because bale machine can clearly show its function of making
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