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Time:Apr 09,2019

What is a baler?

Since baler is used to make compressed bales for different materials, we often received inquiries from customers who request bale machines. Why customer likes to call ‘baler’ as ‘bale machine’? Because bale machine can clearly show its function of making bales.

The dense bales can make transportation and storage much easy and cost effective.

early balers were a common agricultural machine used to compress chopped crops into compact masses ,easy for handling, transport and storage. Over time, balers have increasingly played an increasingly important role in environmental protection and waste recycling. Most local laws have regulations on how to transport and handle large quantities of waste. The baler compresses the waste into the desired shape to meet the policy requirements, which provides a solution for waste recycling.

Nowadays, industrial balers can be selected from bales of various shapes and sizes depending on the packaging material. These waste balers are basically steel machines made of one or two hydraulic cylinders, which is why some people call it a hydraulic baler. It can be used to compress and package all types of recyclable waste such as office paper, corrugated cardboard, plastic, foil and metal cans, textile waste, natural and animal fibers, and more.

Manual balers are generally vertical machines with a small footprint and easy operation. This type of baler is suitable for applications where space is limited and production requirements are not high. If the amount of daily waste disposal is large, horizontal balers are generally required to maximize labor savings and fully automate the entire feeding, compression, baling and unpacking process.

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