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Time:Apr 09,2019

Why do scrap recycling require a baler?

Waste that has been wasted in the past few decades is now recyclable. Almost all conceivable waste that can be reused or recycled is either too bulky, too small, or too bulky to handle efficiently. In order to effectively process recyclable scrap or other materials, you need a baler to compress these materials into chunks.

The baler can make a lot of recyclable materials (such as plastic bottles, cardboard or similar materials) much smaller. The material can be compressed into a block size, packaging speed, ease of operation, etc., making the packaging process more effective and widely accepted by the public.

Clean and tidy blocks not only reduce storage space, but also reduce transportation costs. Because of the loose material, you can pack more cardboard to the container or truck. Recyclable materials now also have a certain economic value. Therefore, it is increasingly important to effectively dispose of these wastes.

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