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swivel twin lifting chamber cotton/waste cotton baler

swivel twin lifting chamber cotton/waste cotton baler is widely used for the packaging of cotton linters, chemical fibers, waste cotton, loose cotton and soft fibers (linen, wool).
Brief Introduction:

The swivel twin lifting chamber cotton/waste cotton baler uses two compression chambers. The two compression chambers are rotated and balanced by the central shaft. The double chamber allows one chamber to be fed and the other chamber to compress the bale. In this way, material feeding and compression packing are realized at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency.

swivel twin lifting chamber cotton/waste cotton baler


When the block is compressed, the cavity will have a signal to realize the automatic boxing, so that it can be easily bundled. This automatic cotton/waste cotton baler combines the dual advantages of a dual chamber baler and a suitcase baler.

Salient Feature :
Double chamber structure
Can be packaged and feed at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency.
Lifting box
Make the operator's work easier and improve efficiency.
high degree of automation
It realizes the automatic self-control of automatic unpacking, carrying out the box, turning the box and pressing the pressure, which greatly reduces the mistakes caused by manual operation.
The woven/plastic film/bag can be used to wrap the block to prevent external smudging.
Technical Data
Model Pressure
Chamber size(mm) Bale size
Machine size (mm) power(kw)
MDY-400BX 4000 25 1380*510*680 1400*530*700 3300*1200*7980 60
MDY-250 2500 15-18 1080*780*680 1100*800*700 3300*1600*6450 45
MDY200 2000 10-15 780*380*680 800*400*600-700 3300*1200*6800 22
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