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Fully automatic Horizontal Baler

It is ideal for recycling large number of daily soft waste, such as cartons , paper, plastic film, old/corrugated cardboard (OCC), old newspapers (ONP), old magazines (OMG), natural fibers, straw,hay,flexible packaging materials and so on.
Brief Introduction:

The loose material is compacted into specific shape blocks to wrap the storage. These material blocks are available in standard size and can be loaded by standard weight for easy transportation and storage.


Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

The fully automatic horizontal baler is equipped with PLC controller and automatic packing device, which can realize unmanned operation and greatly reduce labor costs, because packing does not need manual packing. This type of packer is the best choice for those who need to pack large quantities of old soft materials and transport them to containers.


Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

Salient Feature :
Automatic feeding conveyor is available
Feeding speed could be increased to achieve maximum output.
Cooling System
Temperature of hydraulic oil could be controlled to protect the entire hydraulic system, either air-cooling or water-cooling is available.
Bale Length Adjustable
Bale length could be adjusted in accordance with clients requirements.
One Button Operation
The whole continuous process including material compacting, block strapping, wires cutting, and bale ejecting could be completed by pressing one button, to enhance operation convenience and improve production efficiency.
Fully Automatic Operation System
Material compacting, block strapping and bale ejecting could be completed automatically, to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
PLC Control System
Automatic operation, More accurate image viewing.
Electric Control
Easy operated, featured by pressing buttons and switches to complete plate moving and bale ejecting.
Technical Data
Model FX-W120
Pressure 1200kn
Hydraulic system working pressure 28mpa
Bale section size 900*1100
Bale volume 900*1100*1300-1500
Bale density ≥400-450kg/m³
Single cycle time 15-20s
Bundling method Manual / Automatic
Packing rope thickness 8mm nylon rope / tempered wire 2.8mm / 3.2mm
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