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Hoisting Type Carbonization Furnace

mainly used for drying and carbonizing different raw material, such as wood, wood log, coconut shell, bamboo, nut shell, briquette, hardwood, wood branch etc.
Brief Introduction:

Hoisting type carbonization furnace is a tank-type dry distillation carbonization stove. It has big diameter, large capacity, simple operation and wide application for charcoal raw materials. And before the carbonization, the raw material can be shaped briquettes or shapeless material such as wood logs, wood strips, etc.

Wood carbonization

To expand the capacity, users can connect several furnaces into a 1 group, share 1 lifting crane, and also connect a smoke purifier system to reduce the smoke and get flammable gas for recycling use. The carbonization furnace has its own separated internal furnace with large volume. In addtion, we also provide box-type dry distillation carbonization stove that has more internal furnaces inside.



This carbonization furnace is the cylinder shape. And this model stove consists of outer stove, inner stove, and fume extraction tube, smoking purification tank and hoisting equipment.


Raw Materials:

The raw material of Hoist Type Carbonization Furnace is wood log, briquette wood, tree branches, coconut shell, palm nutshell, Walnut Shell, Macadamia nutshell, bamboo, ect.


Working principle:

The surface of wood (bamboo, wood briquette, nut shell, etc) will ignite spontaneously in the hypoxic condition. And this spontaneous combustion will produce heat. This heat and the external heat source will heat the stove at the same time, when the temperature reach 280 degree, the chemical structure of the wood will be changed by the high-temperature, and after long time heating, changing and decomposing, then we will get the black charcoal, combustible gas, and wood tar. This model furnace will use the fume extraction tube to recycle all the combustible gas and smoking from the entire heat source.

Salient Feature :
High carbonization rate ,and high quality final product
smokeless , little pollution
easy for transport, save much transport charge
suitable for all kinds of raw material
Technical Data





Whole machine include

QHL-1(single type)





1outer stove, 3inner stoves with 3 caps, 1 3ton lifting device, 1smoking tank

QHL-2( two-connected type)





2 outer stove, 6 inner stoves with 6 caps, one 5-ton hoisting equipment with e-motor, 2smoking tank

QHL-3 (three-connected type)





3 outer stove, 9 inner stoves with 9caps, one 5-ton hoisting equipment with e-motor,3smoking tank

QHL-4 (four-connected type)






4 outer stove, 12 inner stoves with 12caps, one 5-ton hoisting equipment with e-motor,4smoking tank

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