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Sawdust Carbonization Machine

raw materials could be : sawdust, rice husk, straw, farm waste, wood waste and so on. Final product Used for: in firework making, charcoal briquette extruding, mosquito-repellent incense producing, activated carbon manufacturing Firecracker production, active carbon processing, and certain soil improvements by scientific research unit.
Brief Introduction:

Sawdust Continuous Carbonization Furnace adopts advanced hot air carbonization process technology which greatly increases carbonization ratio (increased from about 88% to 99%) and shortens the carbonization time, The carbonization time just within 4 hours. higher safety and efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Sawdust Continuous Carbonization Furnace increased the flue gas recovery unit based on the original carbonizer,can get clean smokeless after flue gas recycling,the recycled gas can be used to heating,aslo can be used for the drying machine.


Raw Materials:

wood sawdust, rice husk etc.


Raw material requirement:

Size: 3-5mm, moisture: 8-12%


Final product:

charcoal powder with 1-5mm size

Salient Feature :
Production sustainable
Closed cooling
Carbonization temperature is adjustable
High heat transfer high wear resistant composite material form efficient carbonization chamber
All gas return furnace combustion use no exhaust pollution
Technical Data
Power 7.22kw (main machine: 5.5kw, fan 1.5kw+0.22kw) 
Capacity 120-150kg/h
dimension 5400*2100*3200
Weight 7.5t
Temperature of inner stove 480-600 degree
Energy consumption 35-40kg firewood per shift
motor style 5.5kw Moment speed regulating motor
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