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Rotary Drum Carbonization Furnace

The New Model Continuous Type Rotary Drum Carbonization Furnace can process the sawdust, rice husk, coconut shell (before processing, its better crushed first, then its much better for carbonize . ), jute, agriculture waste, wood chips etc.
Brief Introduction:

Continuous Type Rotary Drum Carbonization Furnace mainly contains the Gas produce stove, Condensor, Screw Conveyors, Fans, smoke processing system, Wood tar separate system, cooling system etc. The processing mainly contains the heating period, carbonize period, cooling period .


Working Principle:

The gasifier is used to preheating the carbonizer,when the temperature reach to 300℃, the feeding screw conveyor start to feeding raw material into the carbonizer.the material will produce fuel gas,which will be collected and used to heating the carbonizer after cleaning by the filter and purification system. The temperature of carbonizer will control at 600 degrees Celsius.

This Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace is fueled by the syngas(carbon monoxide, methane, ethane etc.) from the furnace itself. The biomass material will produce plenty of combustible gas during the carbonzation process pyrolysis, the syngas is very pure combustible gas through smoke purify system . Wood tar, wood vinegar other impurities was isolated by the filter and purification system (gas cleaner / dust-removal / purify tank / scrubber)

When the carbonizer can produce enough flue gas and reach to self sufficient combustion, close the gasifier and open all the flue gas valve of the carbonizer gradually, finally achieve flammable gas self-sufficiency carbonization.


Working Process:

The dried biomass raw materials is feeding into the gasifier by the screw conveyor, gasification of carbon powder from the bottom of the conveyor to the carbon powder storage, centralized storage and sales

After spraying, cooling, cleaning,the flue gas produced by gasification furnace will be transfer to self combustion burner for carbon machine for heating furnace

Start feeding the carbonization machine when internal temperature rose to a certain degree, the raw material inside the carbonization furnace began to produce fuel gas which will be transfer to the burner heating the carbonizer by the draft fan after collected and cleaning by the purification system

Gasification furnace stop working until shut down, using spontaneous combustion flue gas only

The finished product after cooling will be packaged,stored and sold

Then the whole Continuous Type Carbonization Furnace system can keep feeding raw material and discharging final charcoal, enter the process of continuous carbonization stage; the spray water cooling water from purification system and cooling system can be recycled

Salient Feature :
Labor saving, only 2 -3 workers can handle it
Energy saving, the machine can recycle the fuel released by itself
Large Capacity, can custom made as custom request
Technical Data





Whole machine include

QHL-6(rotary drum type)

7.5kw ( main machine)+11kw ( conveyors)



furnace body, inner pot, cover, top of inner pot and smoke recycling pipe

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