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Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary Dryer is used for drying sawdust, coco peat, bagasse, bamboo, and other high moisture materials.
Brief Introduction:

The three-ring drum dryer realizes high-temperature and fast drying process, Compared with the traditional dryer, the floor space is reduced by 2/3, energy saving is 40%, and the drying strength is doubled.


Working Principle:

The Sawdust and other materials enters the belt conveyor through the feeding hopper, and the equal-thickness stream is fed into the dryer feeding port through the feeding air-closing device, and enters the multi-cylinder roller together with the high-temperature hot flue gas from the hot air furnace at the feeding port of the dryer. after three cycles of mass heat exchange to complete the drying of the material, the dried material enters the multi-group cyclone separator, the dry material is discharged through the discharge air shut-off device, and a part enters the briquetting system and is extruded into blocks. Forming the finished product. Another part of the material enters the anti-blocking fuel feeding device, and is sent to the hot blast stove through the fuel feeding fan, and under the action of the cyclone-enhanced combustion fan, the combustion is completed and the high-temperature flue gas is formed, which is used as the whole drying system. The exhaust from the cyclone is discharged into the atmosphere.

Salient Feature :
Automatic control
In the drying process, no matter how the initial water content of the material changes and the hot air temperature changes, the automatic control system automatically adjusts the corresponding parameters according to the change of the moisture content of the wet material to ensure the set water content of the dry material.
Low drying cost
Adopt high temperature and fast downstream drying process.
Exhaust gas recycling: Most of the exhaust gas is returned to the air mixing chamber and heated again as a new drying medium.
The installed capacity of the machine is only one-eighth of that of a conventional drum dryer.
The whole machine is automated, saving operators and saving energy.
Safe Production
Exhaust gas recovery, hot air recirculation technology, in fact, the drying medium is similar to superheated steam, thus preventing the possibility of burning.
The unit is equipped with a set of anti-combustion and explosion-proof devices, which can be eliminated without stopping the machine even if the dryer is burning inside the machine.
Technical Data
Model GXG-900 GXG-1800 GXG-2200 GXG-3600 GXG-5400 GXG-8000
Capacity(kg/h) 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 8000
Fuel consumption(kg/h) 255 510 760 1020 1200 2040
Power consumption(kwh) 29 44 58 65 106 143
Installed capacity(kw) 45 68 90 100 164 220
Overall dimensions(W*L*H)M 24*8*7 28*9*8 28*9*8 32*10*9 36*12*13 42*12*13
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