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Hydraulic gantry shears

It is suitable for one-time shearing and crushing of various waste plates, bar stocks, ferroalloy charge materials, special sheet materials, ship plates of shipbreaking plants, automobiles, metal briquettes, iron filings, etc. instead of manual disassembly to reduce production costs. Achieve efficient and convenient results.
Brief Introduction:

Hydraulic gantry shearing machine is a kind of equipment for heavy-duty scrap steel shearing. It can crush all kinds of scrap steel plates, bar materials, iron alloy charge materials, special sheet materials, ship plates of shipbreaking factories, automobiles, metal briquettes, iron filings, etc. Heavy waste and entangled materials that cannot be processed by the equipment are cold-cut and processed into qualified charge.

The hydraulic gantry shears have a wide range of applications , both as processing equipment for metal recycling and processing units, as well as metal shearing equipment for the furnace processing and mechanical construction industries in the foundry of the factory. In the application of gantry shears, our products are available for users to choose from, packaged gantry shears and independent gantry.

Salient Feature :
Hydraulic drive, stable operation, large output torque and strong anti-overload capability.
Alloy blade, H13 material, durable.
Hydraulic compression bin, which has the functions of scrap shaping and segment feeding.
PLC control system, automatic and manual switching, safe and reliable, easy to operate.
The scissors mouth starts cutting and stopping at any position during the working process, and can control the size of the cutting mouth arbitrarily according to the size of the material to be cut.
The hydraulic gantry shearing machine is designed with a fast circuit. The cutting speed is increased from 8 times per minute to 12 times per minute (referring to the number of times when the scissors open) without increasing the motor power and the displacement of the oil pump. Nearly doubled.
Technical Data
Model Shear force (tons) Processing amount (t/h) knife length (mm) Cut frequency (times/minute) power (kw)
LMJ315 315 3-5 200 2-4 22×2
LMJ400 400 4-7 1400 2-4 37×2
LMJ500 500 5-8 1500 2-4 45×2
LMJ630 630 8-10 1600 2-4 45×3
LMJ800 800 12-15 1800 2-4 55×3
LMJ-1000 1000 15-20 2000 2-4 55×4
LMJ1250 1250 20-30 2500 2-4 55×4
LMJ1500 1500 30-50 2500 2-4 75×4
LMJ2000 2000 60-80 2700 2-4 75×6
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