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Scrap Metal Crusher

Scrap Metal Crusher is used to deal with scrap crushing equipment, mainly used for scrapped cars, scrapped appliances and crushed thin and light operations. After crusher process,we can get the high density & purity metal materials almost no impurity.
Brief Introduction:

The scrap metal crusher is a kind of crushing and recycling equipment for treating waste metal. The crushed metal can be pulverized without pressing, and the discharge strength is evenly adjustable. The crushed metal material is spherical, lumpy or chips. Ut have uniform particle size, greatly reduce the bulk density, facilitate transportation and greatly improve the speed of steel making. 

When Steelmakers will to re-melt the new products by crushed scrap metal, it's strong advantage which are unit low energy consumption/ high output etc. So the scrap metal crusher is recognized as the ideal equipment when processing scrap.

The core principle of scrap metal crusher is using hammer to hiting and shreding metal.

Driving by the high-speed & torque motor, the hammers on the rotor of host machine hits the metal materials at the crushing chamber one by one, thus the raw material are torn into suitable size metal through the adjustable space between the lining plate and hammerhead.

Salient Feature :
High Efficiency for Crushing
Adopting hydraulic feeding method and ring hammer & swing hammer combination hammerheads, Efficiency improved 5-15%.
Good finished Metal Partical
Using the unique roller rubbing process,it can remove the surface paint/feculence,to make the scrap metal into pellet shape with high density,enhance the broken material level.
Stable Operation Capability
Assembling security door,if other materials which can't be broken go into the crushing chamber, stoping running and operator could open security door to remove it, thus avoiding machine fault.
Intelligent Control System
Intelligent Production Lines could saving time and labours, it can sure the manufacturing lines running more stable and safe.
Technical Data
Model Voltage Power Capacity Accessory Equipment
(kw) (t/h)
PSJ-140 380v 132 2-3T Feed Conveyor 1 set
Output Conveyor 1 set
Seeding Iron Conveyor 1 set
Impurity Conveyor  1 set
Magnetic  Separation System  1 set
Control System     1 set
Dust Collecting System  1 set
Spraying System (Selectable)
PSJ-200 380v 200 3-5T
PSJ-280 380v 280 4-7T
PSJ-315 380v 315 5-8T
PSJ-450 380v 450 8-12T
PSJ-630 10kv 630 10-15T
PSJ-750 10kv 750 12-17T
PSJ-800 10kv 800 15-20
PSJ-900 10kv 900 20-30
1500马力 10kv 1200 25-40
2000马力 10kv 1500 50-60
3000马力 10kv 2250 60-80
4000马力 10kv 3000 80-100
6000马力 10kv 4420 100-160
8000马力 10kv 6000 160-200
10000马力 10kv 7500 200-260
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