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extract coconut husks into fine coconut fiber&coco peat

production process:harvest and collection of husk--husk decorticator--fiber extraction--cocopeat substrates--cocopeat compacting--Quality control--packaging & palletization--Containers
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extract coconut husks into fine coconut fiber&coco peat


Coir fiber is extracted out of matured brown coconut. it is used for various applications like making curled coir rope used in manufacturing coir mattresses, rubberized coir pads, coir cushions, carpet under lays, seat cushions and for insulating drainage pipes. Brown coir pads are sprayed with rubber latex, which bonds the fibres together (rubberized coir) and is extensively used as upholstery padding for the automobile industry. Coir fiber is also used for insulation and packaging.

This Coir Extracting Machine includes the following items:

Industrial Coir Extraction Machine and Coir Fibre Baling Machine

Coir Fibre Extraction Machine(Click to view)
Coir Fibre Baling Machine(Click to view)

We offer the range in both standard and customized versions. These Coir Extraction Machines are durable, precision engineered and great performers. Our machines in this category are extremely user friendly and offered at industry leading prices.

Coco peat (coir peat), also known as coir pith. Coir waste from coir fiber industries is washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent. Usually shipped in the form of compressed bales, briquettes, slabs or discs, the end user usually expands and aerates the compressed coco peat by the addition of water.

We are engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive variety of coco peat machine that are highly suitable for extracting coco peat.

coir pith(coco peat) block making machine/Briquetting machine

coir pith(coco peat) block making machine/Briquetting machine(Click to view)

To meet the specific requirements of clients for coco peat machine we also offer customized options.

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