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Car Body Shell & Light Metal Scrap Recycling System

Car Body Shell & Light Metal Scrap Recycling System is used to crush the car shell, remove dust and pollutants, separate and reuse iron and other metal substances.We really understand the production needs of customers, a variety of equipment for accurate planning and assembly, to provide a series of high-output, efficient car shell recycling programs.
Brief Introduction:

Scrapped car


Typical Car Body Shell & Light Metal Scrap Recycling System includes the following structures:

Shredder a : the whole car shell shred into pieces
Metal screening machine: separation of metal substances, remove some sediment and pollutants
Vibration channel: screen the metal sheet within 150mm, and send the oversized metal sheet back to the shredder for secondary crushing
Magnetic separation drum: separation of iron and nonferrous metals
Shredder b: tear the iron sheet into smaller pieces
Eddy current separator: separation of aluminum from non-ferrous metal mixtures
Central dust collection system: collect dust from the system and filter the air before discharge

Car Body Shell & Light Metal Scrap Recycling System

features :
The system is designed for car body shell or light gauge scrap processing
According to customer output demand configuration equipment model, wide range of choice
From mixed material raw materials to single material finished products, automatic processing process, no need for secondary transport link
Accurate separation of ferrous and nonferrous metals
High mobility of installation site
Insist on 80-100 hours feeding test to ensure stable performance

Before leaving the factory, we will assemble all the equipment into a production line, simulate the actual use conditions for testing, to ensure the production line capacity and product quality. We sincerely invite customers to visit the operation of the equipment, and receive relevant operation and maintenance training.

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